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 Architectural LED lighting is a phrase we often hear in the realms of commercial interior design, but what exactly does it mean and how do we use it? This article aims to ‘de-mystify’ LED Linear lighting and give you an insight into how and where to use it, to effortlessly turn cool offices into exceptional ones!

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  1. DB6540 Specification 2019 Version.pdf
Linear architectural lighting manufacturer China


Linear architectural lighting providing quality linear lighting
Linear office lighting manufacturer


Linear office lighting is well suited to offices with higher ceilings
led linear pendant lights manufacturer


Modern Linear LED Pendant lights ideal for commercial office
Modern linear lighting manufacturer


Direct, indirect or dual light distribution of led linear lighting
Best Linear suspension office lighting


Residential, Commercial and Hospitality led linear lighting
Hanging linear lighting manufacturer


Pendant lighting and recessed led linear lighting option
Linear lighting solutions manufacturer


High Lumen Surface Mounded and Suspended LED Linear Lights
Commercial linear pendant lighting manufacturer China


Wide size led linear lighting for office indoor 4000k
Lighting parallax linear suspension

EK-14580 / EK-14580S

LED Linear Light with LED Spotlight for office desk lighting
Suspended linear fluorescent lighting


Suspended fluorescent lighting will be replaced by led linear lightS
Suspended led linear lighting


Wide angle led linear lights for office lighting
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Lowes linear led lighting is a best energy-efficient lighting products

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Linear LED Lighting Knowledge

What is Linear LED Lighting

Linear LED Lighting is simply the use of many ‘Light emitting diodes’ packaged together in a long, narrow housing to create a strip of light. This simple concept revolutionized the way we light spaces.

Before the conception of LED Linear, lighting long spaces such as offices, warehouses, and retail situations was notoriously tricky. Such spaces were lit with large, industrial incandescent bulbs. Linear lighting started evolving in the 1950s with fluorescent tubes, mainly used in industrial spaces. By the 1970s this technology was being used in homes, garages and workshops, and retail spaces. This further created a need for lower cost, better-looking fittings. Creating a continuous uninterrupted line of light wasn’t possible before LED because the fluorescent tubes had to stop and start leaving a black or dark spot.

The improved looks didn’t happen until the early 2000’s when the early version of Linear LED Lighting as we know it was made. The demand for LED Linear is now huge and continues to grow. The difference now is that linear architectural lighting and LED technology has broadened the applications of linear fixtures. The industry continues to evolve with improvements in aesthetics and performance, moving away from the old, traditional housings, utilizing materials in a better way and incorporating more advanced technology.

here are three main types of Linear LED Lighting: pendant, surface mounted or recessed.

1.LED Linear pendant lights use suspension wires to hang from the ceiling and are most suited to rooms with generous ceiling height. These are also ideal for creating stunning accent lighting – think about hanging over reception desks, stairways or atriums.
2.Surface Mounted LED Linear lights are mounted onto the surface of the ceiling and are suited to situations where pendant lights could be too low due to ceiling height.
3.Recessed LED linear Lighting is recessed into a surface, be it a ceiling, wall or other surfaces. This offers clean, uninterrupted lines.

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