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Magnetic System Track LED Lights Manufacturer

New Low Voltage Track with Magnetic Installation System
The new Decentlux low voltage track (up to 48V) is designed for minimal and elegant light applications. With its compact design, magnetic installation system for the lighting fixtures, and integrated databus for light control, this new product provides maximum freedom and flexibility, in designing and creating innovative lighting projects.

The product range includes different types of profiles, for suspended, treamless application and even indirect light. Different adapters are available: standard, double and built for linear lighting. The development of different end-feeds and connections allows
maximum flexibility in projects that run along walls, ceilings, or a combination of both.

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Magnetic Track System LED Spotlight Light 10w


Magnetic Track Lighting System Flood Light 10w


Magnetic Track System LED Spotlight 12w


Magnetic Track flood led light 20w Double Head


Magnetic Track Lighting System Head Rotating Flood Lights 20w


Magnetic Track System LED Spotlight 12w

MT-4W05 / MT4W100 / MT-4W200

Track Rial for Magnetic Track Lighting System 4-wires Black

MT-4WL / MT-4WR / MT-4WA

Accessories For Magnetic Track Lighting System

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Magnetic Track Lighting Knowledge

What is Magnetic Track Lighting

Magnetic System Track luminaire for indoor use, on plasterboard walls/ceiling, comprised of a series of magnetic tracks that house the LED lighting modules.

The luminaire is comprised of a 2,5 mm extruded aluminium profile, which integrates perfectly into ceiling/wall, and a 24V/max 10A electric track. The system is completed with ambient and accent lighting modules, with different optics. 

The lighting modules incorporate a magnetic fixture system that permits total mobility of the lighting modules. This mobility converts The Running Magnet into an extremely flexible product, which not only permits varying the distribution of the lighting modules but also the possibility of adding more modules along the track. 

The Running Magnet has two different types of lighting: Ambient lighting via lighting modules with different lengths and powers; as well as accent lighting with different optic concepts.

Magnetic track light lighting system;

• DC24V / 48V magnetic track spot light;

• Surface(Ceiling) / Recessed versions Installation;

• The Tracking Magnet system is creative, flexible, reliable and precise;

Brand Led Lighting Materials

High Quality Magnetic Materials is the Key Fuction To Make Best Magnetic Track Lighting System

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