Best LED Linear Lighting System Supplier

Different Projects, Using Different LED Lighting

LED Lighting Application

Using Right LED Lighting To Right Place, Show the best Room, Make People More Happy to Work

LED Lighting Application

Office LED Lighting

We supply best LED linear lighting in offices or workplaces. Have a look at these amazing 10 benefits of LED lights for your office.

LED Commercial Lighting

Property and operations managers who put a high value on good quality and energy-efficiency choose Decentlux commercial LED lighting.

LED Garage Lighting

LED Garage Lighting

The Garage Light brings efficient LED lights to garages, task areas and workshops in residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Residential LED Lighting

These modern Linear LED Pendant lights are ideal for commercial office building applications or modern residential applications.


Retail LED Lighting

Retail LED linear light is designed for warehouse lighting application. ... ideally suited for supermarkets, commercial showrooms, bulk outlets, retail specialty shops and shop.


School Classroom Lighting

Cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, help students feel safe on campus and strengthen the school's reputation.

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