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LED track lighting system can be line or low voltage, single or two circuits, and flexible or straight. Before you buy track lighting fixtures for your track lighting system, you must identify what kind of track you have or what kind of track you want to buy. Keep in mind that every light fixture will not be compatible with every track system. The fixtures are determined by the manufacturer, adapter standard, and voltage needed for the track you have.

The lighting track you have is straight or flexible and it has a single-circuit or a two-circuit configuration. Also, the lighting system is either installed directly to the ceiling or suspended from it. Take these factors into account when choosing the types of fixtures you need. You can have any layout you want for your track lighting system using track connectors and different track lengths.

Products Catalogue:

  1. DB6540 Specification 2019 Version.pdf


Spoon Special desgin Cree 30w LED Track Lighting for store


Petal Style Cree LED Track Light For Store lighting Application


8w Small High Lumen LED Track Lighting For Shop Lighting
12w rectangle strip led track lights


12w rectangle strip led track lights


Square Hhead High Power LED Track Lighting


CREE COB LED Track Spotlight 30w for shopmall and office


Square Head Track flood Lighting For Clothing Store


Small Size Round Head Track LED Spotlight 12w


Slim Round Head LED Track Lighting Picture Lamp


Focus and Angle Adjustable LED Track For Museum Lighting


Mini Adaptor Round Head LED Track flood Lighting For Store


20w or 40w Strip Style LED Track Lights for Supermarket

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Track LED Lighting Knowledge
How To Choose Right LED Track Lighting

Choose Your Fixtures
To pick the right fixtures for your track lighting system, you must determine if the fixtures are compatible with the track system in place. Also, consider what is being illuminated. Fixtures that are installed to illuminate artwork are usually different from light fixtures used for general lighting. Furthermore, lamps differ in diameter and brightness.

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Superior Lighting offers a wide selection of lighting kits, tracks, track heads, track accessories, and track lighting power connectors to fulfill all of your track lighting needs. Track light systems are commonly installed throughout art galleries, retail stores, restaurants, and kitchens.

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