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LED Downlights are the all-purpose of lighting fixtures as they are used as a component of a good lighting plan in most lighting projects. A downlight is most often used to provide general lighting in a specific space. But how do you pick the LED downlight that you need in your space? There are so many options out there!

Also now main have LED Recessed Downlights, Surface Mounted LED Downlights by installation.

If for funciton, have ip65 waterproof led downlights, fire rated led downlights, dimmable led downlights, bathroom led downlights, led downlights kitchen, small led downlights, 12v led downlights, shallow depth led downlights etc

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Products Catalogue:

  1. DB6540 Specification 2019 Version.pdf


High power 30w gold and jewerlly Shop spotlights


36w high lumen gold and jewerlly Store led spot lamp


45w gold and jewerlly Shoplights, 100lm/w led spotlights

Reliable led lights manufacturer since 2010. We not just supply led downlights,led tube,led lighting. We supply green dreams.


Decentlux manufacture led lighting with cree,Epistar,etc quality led, Meanweel Qualtiy led driver, quality products is core of Decenlux LED Lights.

Please release profession led manufacture to us, you will save more time for care all detail, Decentlux is your smart choice!

Decentlux supply professional LED Lights Solution for downlights,ceiling lights etc, to get best lighting effect with least led lights.

Quality LED Lights with 2-5years warranty, and should with compatible price is Decentlux LED lights forward.

Decentlux Supply 50,000hours, 2-5years Quality warranty for all led lights, change broken products for free.

Down LED Lighting Knowledge
What is LED Downights

Downlights are recessed luminaires that are placed in the ceiling. They have standard sized and cut out sizes and are a replacer for your current CFL and PL-C downlight fixtures. There are also downlights which have the possibility to be dimmable. For ceilings where recessed luminaires are not possible you can install a surface mounted luminaire. Downlights can be placed in schools, offices, hallways and staircases and are therefore multifunctional!

LED downlights are available in different light colors:

Colour – 3000 Kelvin – warm white
Colour  – 4000 Kelvin – cold white, most sold light colour for office use
Colour – 6500 Kelvin – daylight

How to install led downlights in ceiling?

Replacing your old downlight for a LED downlight is easy, just follow these 6 steps:

Step 1.
Make sure that the power is switched off. Before you replace a lamp the power must be switched off. For extra safety, you can convert the switch in the meter cupboard.

Step 2.
Disconnect the power cord and remove the old downlight.

Step 3.
Unscrew the driver cover. Then connect the euro cord: the brown cable goes on L, the blue cable goes on N. Screw the driver cover back on the downlight.

Step 4.
Connect the powercord to the mains.

Step 5.
Push the clips on the side of the downlight completely in and place the downlight in your ceiling.

Step 6.
Turn the power back on and start saving energy and money immediately.

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High Quality LED Lights is the Key Fuction To Make Best Gold and Jewerlly Store LED Spotlight System

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