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Glass led tube will be trends of led tubes?

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The glass led tube will be trends of led tubes? Here is A brief survey on LED Tubes.

Decentlux did a simple poll on Websites regarding glass and plastic LED tubes. 58 people responded. Here are the results:

Not One Material Will Dominate the Marketplace.

While glass LED tubes have slowly been penetrating the market, there are definitely those partial to plastic tubes, for reasons discussed further below. The perception then is that, at the very least, the glass will not take over plastic tubes in the near-term.

The most common comments left were in regards to the thermal stability of glass tubes which prevent bending/sagging that can certainly arise over time with plastic tube lights. “Better heat dissipation” and “better thermals” were given as valid reasons for choosing glass.

I was surprised not to hear any comments in regards to glass tubes being more useful with retrofitting fluorescent fixtures designed around the illumination patterns of glass fluorescent lamps, i.e. fixtures designed with reflectors. Perhaps “optical performance” covers that aspect, in addition to better light transmission.

With plastic tubes, there is no risk for breakages during shipment. That’s self-evident. What’s more, they can be handled “rougher” during an installation/retrofit, being tossed around and ripped out of boxes. Thus it’s a no-brainer this was the unanimous reason people chose for buying plastic tubes.

The most common comments left were in regards to food safety. I think this is in regard to breakages, though glass can come with NSF-listed shatterproof coatings. And likewise with the glass tube comments, I’m surprised I did not hear any comments noting the tighter beam angles/greater directionality these tubes achieve.

If there was no pricing difference, almost half of plastic tube adherents would still not switch. Breakages, it seems, are a significant matter.


What was not revealed in the survey was the different go-to market strategies for the different tubes. Traditional lighting channels will not have the same sensitivity to tube breakages as a large retrofitting project, which requires promptly sourcing and transporting tubes.

And what about material stability? Is there a consensus in the marketplace of cyclical retrofitting which will help avoid the aging issues of plastic tubes? What about the ever-increasing complexity of the internal electronics (lighting controls just scratch the surface)?

Due to pricing pressure, we will see more and more of the added internal electronics be installed using integrated circuitry, which will therefore lead to heat dissipation issues at that point, creating a “hot spot”, as the history of the microprocessor demonstrated:

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