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What is LED Linear Lighting

What is LED Linear Lighting? LED Linear is a phrase we often hear in the nation-states of industrial indoors design, however, what precisely does it suggest and how do we use it? This article aims to ‘de-mystify’ LED Linear lighting and give you perception into how and the place to

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Glass led tube will be trends of led tubes?

The glass led tube will be trends of led tubes? Here is A brief survey on LED Tubes. Decentlux did a simple poll on Websites regarding glass and plastic LED tubes. 58 people responded. Here are the results: Not One Material Will Dominate the Marketplace. While glass LED tubes have

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Plastic LED tube or Glass LED Tube?

I want to answer this question, we need to know the details of both glass and plastic materials: 1. Glass: fragile, Non-aging, higher light transmittance, cheaper.2.Plastic: tough, good PC will not turn yellow, high light transmittance, good heat-dissipation, if the PC material is not fire retardant will cause poisonous gas

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